Your Only Friend Recordings is proud to present Lady Blacktronika’s Debut Album. This album is not just a collection of tracks, its a fragment of a life lived; told through the bittersweet melodies and haunting vocals of a woman intent on making her mark and finding her place in this life. A true talent carved out of a life of hard knocks, Lady Blacktronika gives us glimpses of her story told through the medium of raw electronic music. Hypnotic rhythms, emotive, sometimes disturbing melodies and her unmistakable vocals take you on a journey into the Heart and Soul of Deep House, Beatdown and Techno in the 21st century. This is; Future Blues.


Feedback from the troops:

DJ / Producers:

“Wow wow wow! Deeper then deep! Amazing album!!!!”

  1. -Marc Schneider

“Ace !!!!!This is the kind of album I was waiting for. Surely it will take me some time to point out favourites. But already on the first two rounds of listening to this masterpiece I know that it will live with me for more than just a while. Poetry to me for sure.6/5”

  1. -The Timewriter

“If Some Rain...................OMG what a tune!”

  1. -Mr. G

“Deep and durty!! Love it :)”

  1. -Osunlade

“Every time I listen to Lady Blacktronika, I feel like I'm hearing a long-forgotten and dearly missed-voice. Just brilliant, in every way. Deep, personal, compelling.”

  1. -Deepchild

“Solid tracks all the way, but if some rain and gettin ovah stands out, just great!”

  1. -Deymare

“I am a hardcore fan of Lady Blacktronica since I’ve first heard If Some Rain, I still cant get that track out of me somehow... And this LP looks as gorgeous as she does !!! WAV please”

  1. -Agnes

Amazing album ! sounds even better than Moodymann ! Bravo Miss Blacktronica!”

  1. -Hardrock Striker

“Oozing filth and soul! Beautiful! Well worthy of its title! I love it!”

  1. -Double D / Moodymanc

Fantastic!! Sifting through lots of average music makes it all so worth it when you come across gems like this. Love it.

  1. -Rob Mello

“I like the deepness of some tracks, specially 'Desperately Seeking Theo', 'Dreams' and 'Getting Ovah'. Thanks!!”

- Angel Molina

“Deep and album! Thanks for sharing.”

- Anton Zap

“Fantastic album! deep & sultry”

- Da Funk

“Sounds very interesting, will give it a closer listen for sure!”

- Deetron


  1. -DJ Sneak

What a wonderful collection of tunes.

  1. -JT Donaldson

“Love every track! Lady B certainly has her sound nailed!! Brilliant!”

  1. -Nick Turner

“Lady Blaktronkia is one of the best new artists out of Detroit . I've been waiting for this album for a while so very happy to receive. thanks!”

  1. -John LLiffe

“Great work from Akua as usual! Full support”

  1. -Vad : SE62

“Solid tracks as always by the Lady of beatdown. Desperately Seeking Theo is my favourite here but also If Some Rains and Head Over Heels are winners. Thanks”

  1. -K Soul

“Awesome Respect to Lady B And Your Only Friend For Releasing These Great Tracks.”

  1. -Brian Agent-Pepper

“Bomb! What more can i say..Supportin this is a must!!!”

  1. -Imaani

“Excellent album full of quality deep house. This really is future blues. 5 stars from me.”

  1. -Roberto Rodriguez

“Skipped through and it sounds really interesting radio support for sure.”

  1. -Luke Soloman

“This is a great album !! can i have a physical copy please???”

  1. -Severino Panzetta (Horse Meat Disco)

“Amazing album, full support !”

- Dj Jee (Technorama / Tsugi)

“Great debut offering from one NY's Deep House Diva's!!! Keep it comin!”

- Kai Alce

“Mixed feelings .. def some dopeness in there though! gotta listen a few times

  1. -Lars Behrenroth

“I really like Desperately Seeking Theo “

- Gus Gus

“Very deep cool stuff.”

  1. -Soultourist

“AMAZING!!!The best I´ve got in a long time and one of my favourite artists of the moment. Full support!!”

  1. -Daniel Kyo

“Tasty, loving Head Over Heels”

  1. -Pete Dafeet

“Don't be fooled by this feminine touch, cuz it's most definitely deep house in the tradition of Detroit heroes such as Moodymann and Theo Parrish, but all Lady Blacktronika. Good to get the full-on album experience; sure to go down as one of the must-have albums of 2011 for any fan of deep soul music. Outstanding work!”

  1. -Velanche

“A Great Selection for some afternoon bliss –supported”

  1. -Pete Farmer

“Sounds great on a quick listen through, looking forward to giving it a proper listen later. Cheers”

  1. -Jim Baron : Crazy P

“Love the overall vibe of this entire album, all the vocals are wonderful and the beats are dope. All the tracks have something solid to offer and Im really feeling this. thanks for sending x big support”

  1. -Mieka Du Franx

“Very nice! Will give it a proper listen when down but very nice!!”

  1. -Lovebirds / Kneedeep

“Support granted”

  1. -Abicahsoul

“Some interesting, raw sounds here for sure. I need to download and listen properly, but I immediately like the sound of 'Does She Know It's Just a Rumor' and 'If Some Rain'. A lot of this is too discordant for me, but interesting nonetheless. Thanks for sending.”

  1. -Sumsuch


“Newsworthy” (Review at

  1. -Todd Burns - Resident Advisor

“Not just an ordinary house long player. Detroitish Beatdown and Chicago slowdown house extension full of innerself searching. This lady from California knows how to forward house music to higher state of art creativity, her voice also goes along perfectly with all of her tracks included. Hybrid tracks like 'Toxic', jazzy 'Deep In The Life' and 'Desperately Seeking Theo', lost in percussions and deep chords hypnotic 'Who Makes You Feel', pseudo old school 'Does She Know It's Just A Rumour' and the most uplifting track of the album 'Dreams' will make you to reconsider about what can be House Music in our days.”

  1. -DJ Nova - Rodon

“A deep hypnotic adventure...with soulful flava... Love it!”

  1. -Phil Turnipseed - DJ Times

“Deep rooted emotional lyrics pour out onto solid riffs and continuous beats screaming for a righteous place to be heard. Head Over Heels, Does She Know It's Just A Rumor, Gender Bias, Dreams stick out as some of my favs here, the ghetto and freaky behaviors in these tunes will def give me reasons to drop these If Some Rain isn't normally my style to play as there's no venue for it but the sheer lo fi and gritty atmospheres here set it apart from the usual fare of downtempo tracks”

  1. -Marc Lacasse - Jackhouse /

“Deep, deep house grooves... There's some real magic in this release. I'm really diggin everything on here!”

  1. -Grant Paterson - Edinburgh Evening News

“Sweet album, laid-back work!!  Awesome.”

- Posivision Magazine

“Nice mixes”

  1. -Tsugi Magazine

“Good album will suggest it for review for the next i-DJ deadline next week...”

  1. -Greg Fenton - Tillate / Update

“Nice! Loved her 12" on Kinda Soul. Juno plus news story to follow”

  1. -Aaron Coultate - Juno Plus Editor

“Undoubted quality but possibly a bit 'earnest' for me... then again I might not be in the best place right now cos I've just been listening to some 4x4! Can I reserve judgement for now please?”

  1. -Russell Deeks - iDJ / This Is Why We Dance

“Soulful Excellence”

  1. -Richie - Untitled Music

“Lovely jubbly.”

  1. -Axel Rose - Sound Canvas

“Sophisticated package and one that deserves more than one listen in order to provide informed feedback.”

  1. -Paul Corey - Resident Advisor

“Achingly wonderful x”

  1. -Kate - Gscene / Wild Fruit


“i would dare to say this is one of the best electronica albums of the year so far, as her previous releases already showed”

- Tony D'Onghia / Organisation: Radio Koper Capodistria Anima & Corpo

“ Really nice and most important of all very real approach! I really dig this.”

  1. -BayrischerRundfunk/BR - Philipp Laier

“I have already got this but I just wanted to say it's SO FUCKING GOOD. Big ups to Akua for massively coming up with the good. Wow....”

  1. -Red Rack’em

“Just doesn’t get any better .. Smooth uber cool sounds that take you all over the world of sound .. Loving the slo mo vibez .. Full support for sure .. I can see this sitting on the ipod for a long time to come”

  1. -Simon - Deep South Audio

“Excellent Album. Thanks! will support on BLN.FM radio Berlin.”

- V - Mixomat

“Will def support this record on my show.”

  1. -90.7 KPFK (Los Angeles)


- Docepulgadas

“A nice album with strong fluidity.”

- NOICE! - Harry Ruffner

“Lovely release”

  1. -The Outer Limits // Radio Adelaide Australia

“Nice Album.  All tracks are good.  I will play them for sure.  Soon on my Radio Shows.


  1. -Triangle Fm // Laurent N.

“Superb album. Especiallly love "If some rain.”

  1. -Leri Ahel : Mutant Disco - Elektrana Radio

Great slow vibes. Will definitely play a lot of cuts on my radio show. Overall, a lot of the tracks seem too long. But, great sounds and variety. Thanks!”

  1. -Ivy / Black Feather Radio

Very quick listen. sounds strong.”

- Lofty  / Amber Sound 107.2 FM

“Super Cool, Love it!

- Joan Ribas / Ibiza Solstice

Lady Blacktronika | “Future Blues Vol.1” LP

*Mastering of this EP is courtesy of GarcyNoise of Justified Cause Recordings @ Homeless Studios.